Semalt Explains What SXO Is And How To Enter A Higher Level Of Positioning

Positioning is a marketing strategy that is currently necessary to run a business online, but it does not provide recipes for increasing sales on the website. The solution to this problem is SXO, providing a comprehensive approach to online promotion. Why is it worth being interested in?

SXO - what is it?

Search experience optimization is a concept that arose from the combination of SEO and UX. It includes several activities whose main goal is to attract the user to the website, provide him / her with relevant and valuable content, and encourage him / her to take the desired action. Most often it is a purchase, but the goals can actually be varied.

To understand the idea of SXO, you need to understand three concepts:
  1. SEO (search engine optimization) 
  2. UX (user experience) 
  3. CRO (conversion rate optimization)
SXO is a comprehensive strategy that includes actions and good practices related to the above concepts. An explanation of these is provided later in this article. So let's go! 

How is SXO different from SEO? Sales as an important element of modern positioning

Being in the TOP 10 on the Google list and significantly increasing website traffic is the goal pursued by all companies investing in positioning. This is basically the end of what SEO can offer. From a sales point of view, however, this is only the beginning of the process. This is where the rest of the SXO elements come into play. 

SXO - what is it?

Simply put, SXO is an SEO extension. It allows you to increase website traffic, but also answers the following questions:
As you can see, the two strategies are not separate concepts, but form a coherent whole. This comprehensive approach is the reason why SXO has an advantage over standard SEO campaigns.

SXO and conversion optimization

The Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) focuses on improving the conversion rate, so it is directly responsible for increasing sales on the site. This is the main and overarching goal of this strategy. Of course, there are various paths to it, and an indispensable element of the CRO is the analyst. Based on the available data, places for improvement are examined, as well as points in the sales funnel, which are characterized by the highest degree of abandonment of the path to conversion. SXO is, of course, a broader concept, but it is fully inspired by conversion optimization. Analytics, solution testing, and user behavior research are all part of it.

SXO ingredients - what to do and how to do it correctly?

To approach the topic comprehensively, of course, you should take care of all the listed SXO components. So SEO optimization is accompanied by providing quality content, preparing or modifying the website according to the best UX standards, and implementing advanced analytics and testing, which fall under the concept of CRO. What specific activities fall under these concepts?

1. SEO - website optimization for search engines

Search engine optimization activities cover three main groups:

2. UX - User Experience

User Experience, as the name suggests, is an SXO component that is responsible for the best user experience in dealing with a given website. What exactly is needed for good UX on a page?


It is not worth putting design above the convenience of use. If the page looks really good, but performing any action requires some getting used to, or is even difficult on the part of the user, the effect may be counterproductive. An internet portal can be modern and designed, but only if it is functional at the same time.

As you can see, some UX activities coincide with SEO guidelines - this is because Google robots take into account the convenience of the recipient as well as the ease of use of the website. Therefore, elements such as loading speed or logical website architecture will help both in improving the position and increasing sales on the website.

CRO - conversion optimization

CRO is the most analytical part of SXO, which allows you to monetize the traffic obtained through SEO and the positive experiences obtained through User Experience. The main activities under this strategy are:


The analysis of user behavior is best done with the Dedicated Seo Dashboard tool. By setting goals and exploring specific paths, it is easy to identify places that need improvement. 

Is SXO really needed?

A comprehensive approach to website optimization is something that can give you a significant advantage over the competition. SXO takes into account all the relevant factors that ultimately lead to an increase in sales. By taking care of the user experience, you can achieve satisfactory results even with less traffic on the site. Optimizing all essential SXO components allows for greater control of the purchasing process from attracting the user to the website, to the final conversion. That is why it is an increasingly popular strategy, both among online stores and service websites.